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Name:Herr Otto Flick
Herr Flick is an officer of the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police during World War II. On the rare occasions he wears uniform, he is shown to be an SS-Sturmbannf├╝hrer (Major). He is portrayed as unemotional (his voice never changes in relation to how he feels, even once while in pain he rather calmly stated so) and he seems hurt only when he finds Private Helga Geerhart kissing the Italian Captain Alberto Bertorelli. Apart from this, the only emotion he ever shows is anger.

He is the godson of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS and Gestapo. He is assisted by Engelbert Von Smallhausen, a junior officer of the Gestapo who is not too intelligent. Herr Flick is in love with Helga, a fact which he does not often show. When she comes to see him he always says "You may kiss me." She then proceeds to kiss him passionately, while he stands quite still, with his facial expression not changing. He is excessively domineering, not just to her, but to Von Smallhausen as well.

His secret HQ's address is Rue de Gangoine 32. In his dungeon, Herr Flick has many disguises. Herr Flick has a fondness for using experimental truth serums made from assorted exotic animals such as the Self-inflating Peruvian Marsh Frog or the Patagonian Fruit Bat. These serums often have interesting physical side effects on his victims. He plays the violin extremely well and his favourite animal is the rat (because it is small, shifty and disgusting, of course.)

"I ask ze questions!"

disclaimer: character and player are over the age of 18 and Herr Flick belongs to the BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo

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